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Superb Design + Advanced Programming =
Really Happy Clients :)

Atrapoint combines two critical capabilities not often found in the same web design and development company: gorgeous design and hard core programming. The result: really happy clients. Read on . . .

Web Design & Development

Atrapoint develops corporate-class web solutions with this philosophy: Outward beauty is anything but shallow when it comes to web design. But good looks are not enough. So we pull off some amazing things when it comes to the programming. Using cutting edge, proven, open-source technologies, Atrapoint develops websites and web applications with PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Ajax, CSS and HTML5. The benefits: fast loading, stable web solutions that run on PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, etc., with a better ROI. Here are a few examples:

Featured Project

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Founded in 1866, Deseret Book is a leading publisher and retailer of books, music, artwork and other quality products that strengthen family values and seek to better society. Atrapoint assisted in the development of Deseret Book's flagship website by programming core html, css and Javascript for key areas of the site.

Our Customers

For almost a decade Atrapoint has benefited startups to Fortune 500 companies with our business software and web solutions. These organizations come from sectors including financial, law, manufacturing, real estate, call center, government, higher education, healthcare and apparel. Here are just a few:

Mobile & More

Atrapoint's work in web design and development doesn't end there. Clients often ask us put our design and programming skills to work to create mobile applications, email marketing campaigns and marketing collateral. Check out these examples:

Mobile Applications

Mobile web or iPhone apps can add a key component to a company's overall web strategy. Whether to give your customers convenient access to your products or make it easy for your employees to access key company applications, mobile apps can increase the competitive advantage of many companies.


Done right, emailers can often be your most effective tool in web marketing for getting conversions. We have extensive experience in designing emailers that have produced some amazing results for our clients.

Marketing Collateral

Complementing its web solutions, Atrapoint can really help you get your message across in a compelling and informative way with marketing flyers and other collateral.

MBA Toolkit

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Atrapoint MBA Toolkit is business analysis software that simplifies solving a wide range of business math problems.

Whether finance, strategic, or operations-related, the Atrapoint MBA Toolkit is more powerful than a business calculator yet easier than a spreadsheet. It has 58 ready-to-use tools including the ability to create your own custom calculations.

Solve Internal Rate of Return, Net Present Value, Future Value, Loan Amortization, Break-Even Analysis, Capital-Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) and dozens more business problems.

Solution results and multiple scenarios are saved in the built-in database. Atrapoint MBA Toolkit is great for the office, on the road, or in the classroom.

Corporate-Class Data Center

Atrapoint partners with excellent server providers utilizing scalable, VMware-based, clustered hosting that companies can count on. Benefit from corporate-class uptime, quality servers running high-end Intel Xeon processors, a storage area network (SAN), and enterprise-class firewall. What does this mean? Really fast websites with exceptional uptime—uptime that is many times more reliable than the hosting for the majority of websites.

Our Process

Revolving around the client's end-user and business objectives, Atrapoint's process involves discovering the business problem to solve, designing an optimal solution to that problem, developing the solution, and then deploying the solution in a timely manner.